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mission and history

Without a supportive network, new parents whose children receive a Down syndrome diagnosis can feel alone, afraid, and overwhelmed. After their own prenatal and birth diagnoses within six months of one another, new moms Misti and Kristin were left to navigate the world of parenting children with diverse need alone, never realizing they lived within twenty miles of one another! Simply being able to share experiences, talk through their worries and fears, and lean on one another has given them courage and strength. Born out of necessity, The Upside is a result of that courage and strength. 

The Upside's mission is to be a resource for individuals with Down syndrome and their families while providing education and support for healthcare professionals delivering diagnoses and the communities in which we live as we work together to promote awareness, inclusion, and empowerment. 

staff of volunteers

Misti Brock

executive director

Kristin Crumb

fundraising coordinator

Roxana Rushing

human resources

board of directors

Candy Tucker


Donna Burch

Laurie McAllister

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