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Deadline to register is

March 17, 2020!

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2020 Tournament Rules
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The Wind Up for Down Syndrome Tournament will adhere to ASA official playing rules and to the guidelines determined below: 

  • Reentry is permitted in all programs as ASA rules dictate. Team must submit roster to the tournament director prior to the first game and a lineup to the scorekeeper prior to each game.

  • *PAY AT PLATE (new in 2020): Pay at the plate is $25 with the winning team retaining their payment and the losing team paying the fee. 

  • RATIOS: Teams must consist of either 7/3, 6/4, or 5/5 (male/female) unless they have bench players and are deciding to use EH's. In that case, they can have a man EH and a female EH, which is 8/4 and the females must bat 3,6,9,12. At 6/6, batting will be man, woman, man, woman throughout the lineup. 

    • If team is 7/3, females must bat 3, 6, 9; there will be no more than 3 men batting in a row, other than the bottom of the lineup running back into the top of the lineup.

    • If team is 6/4 or 5/5, players must bat man, woman, man, woman, man, woman. The only time a team should bat multiple men is if the team is 6/4, and it'll have the same effect as the 7/3 ratio: men will bat back to back at the bottom of the lineup running into the top of the lineup.

    • Teams can play men and women wherever is most convenient.

  • WALKING RULE: if a man is walked, and he has a female batting behind him, he takes two bases unless there are two outs; then, she has the option to take the base or bat.

  • HALO RULE is in effect! No hitting up the middle.

  • Home team for each game will be determined by coin flip. 

  • All teams should report to the field at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time.

  • TIME LIMIT: Games will consist of five innings or one hour, whichever comes first.

  • SPEEDUP RULE: Teams must have an on deck batter in the circle ready to bat at all times. There will be no infield practice after the first inning. The “5 Second Pitching Rule” and “10 Second Batting Rule” will be strictly enforced to keep the tournament on schedule. Each batter will begin with a ball and a strike. 

  • FORFEITS: Forfeit time is 15 minutes for the teams’ first scheduled game of the day. For all other games, the game time will be the forfeit time. 

  • BAT RULES: Any bat that is listed on the ASA, NSA, or USSSA approved bat list is legal for tournament play. 

  • HOME RUN RULES: Three homeruns are allowed for co-ed teams. Homerun wristbands can be purchased at the registration table prior to each game for $10 each and are good for the tournament's length.

  • PITCHING RULES: ASA pitching rules will be in effect. Pitches must have an arch at least six feet high and no higher than twelve feet.

  • MERCY RULE: The game will be called at 15 runs after three innings or 10 runs after four innings.

  • On the third strike foul, the batter is out.

  • No stealing will be allowed.

  • Each team must supply its own game balls. 

  • No protest will be allowed on umpire judgment calls. 

  • All protests must be settled by tournament director before game can proceed except in case of player eligibility. Teams found using an ineligible player will forfeit that game and the team coach will be dismissed from the tournament. 

  • Any player physically abusing an umpire or tournament official will be ejected from the tournament and the grounds immediately.

  • Any player or coach using profanity will be removed from the game immediately without warning. Excessive warnings or removals will result in ejection from the tournament and grounds at the tournament director’s discretion. 

  • No smoking or outside alcohol is allowed on the complex grounds.

  • Jewelry can be worn at player’s discretion. Necklaces should be tucked into shirts. Choose jewelry responsibly. 

  • All players MUST sign a waiver before they will be allowed to play. All waivers must be turned in when checking in at registration before the first game.

Forms, Fees, and Deadlines

  1. Deadlines. Teams should submit a completed entry accompanied by the $150 entry fee, payable to The Upside, via, by March 17, 2020.

  2. Entries. Only one entry may be filed per team. Teams must email or mail completed forms to or The Upside, Attn: Misti Brock, 761 Red Rock Road, Wichita Falls, TX 76305. Late entries will be accepted and placed on an alternates list to fill spots if they become available up until the time that the Tournament Committee establishes final seeding. Incomplete entries will not be accepted. Payments should be made via PayPal or check. checks should be made payable to The Upside. 

    1. Refund policy. No refunds will be granted. 

    2. Withdrawals. Teams that have applied to participate in the event and wish to withdraw for any reason must notify the tournament director by email at misti@theupsidewf.orgor phone at 940-781-5858 before Wednesday, March 18, 202o. Teams that fail to follow this procedure will be listed as a NO SHOW.

    3. Rain policy. The Tournament Committee will make every effort to work with the City of Wichita Falls and Wichita Falls Sports Complex to ensure the fields are in playable condition; however, in the event of a rain out, the Tournament Committee will attempt once to reschedule for a later date. In the event that the tournament is canceled, no refunds will be granted. 

    4. Return checks. All checks returned due to insufficient funds will carry a $35 service charge.

  3. Waivers. All team members must review the Waiver and Release of Liability Form to be turned in with the application packet. All players must sign a waiver form. Waivers can be submitted via mail or at the registration table the day of the event. All waivers are due at the registration table before a team’s first game. 

  4. Age requirements. Players must be fifteen years old or older at time of tournament. Parent/legal guardian must sign waivers for minors (15-18 years).

  5. Tournament format. Teams will be guaranteed two games. Seeding for bracket will be determined by runs scored in first game. Ties will be determined by coin flip. 

  6. Prizes. T-shirts and discounted entry into the next year’s tournament will be awarded to the overall first place team. T-shirts will be awarded to the second place team. 

What Your Entry Supports

The Wind Up for Down Syndrome Softball Tournament is the second annual tournament to benefit The Upside, Advocacy and Advancement for Individuals with Down Syndrome. The Upside is based in Wichita Falls and serves Wichita and surrounding counties, providing support and information to individuals Down syndrome and their families as well as the medical community. 


Your participation will help The Upside in a number of ventures, including providing

  • awareness and advocacy through welcome baskets at the pre- and postnatal stages after a family’s diagnosis of Down syndrome;

  • educational opportunities for providers in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas; 

  • resources for parents, caregivers, and educators to ease the transition into a daycare or school setting and promote inclusion; and

  • contributing to Park Place Christian Church’s mission to bring an all-inclusive playground, Play for All, to Wichita Falls. 


By participating in the softball tournament and purchasing concessions throughout the event, you are providing support to those who may have received a cold, emotionless clinical diagnosis prenatally and those who were rushed away to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth when their child’s birth diagnosis revealed conditions needing immediate assistance. Further, you are supporting additional training for providers in the North Texas area who must deliver the Down syndrome diagnosis to families. And, finally, you are voicing your support for those who seek inclusion and friendship at all stages of their children’s lives.


Thank you for your encouragement.  


Misti Brock

Executive Director, The Upside

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